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01/02/2023 - Malta vs. IQ - Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech will punish young people like adults

In a personal opinion, the presiding magistrate stated that she disagreed with the law as it currently stands. “So [at age 16] they’re good to marry, run for politics, work in business, but then they aren’t able to be charged as adults. It is a great injustice,” she said. [1].

Wow - so forcing Kids into marriage by the allowance of parents is a privilege now? They can buy alcoholic beverage because the law is weak and the media tell them that Captain Morgan is a cool guy to follow.

Money quote: "They are old enough to run for politics..."
If they had a voice and could do politics, things like Donatella Frendo Dimech running as Magistrate would never happened.

Beside the meaning of scientist - young people wo raised peacefully and with the outlook of a fair, peacefully and happy life doesn't break other kids legs. So it's not the kids failure at last - you, as and adult failed! And according to your own opinion, you're proud of it!

[1] Malta Today: You can marry, vote and have sex at 16. So why do minors have reduced criminal punishment?


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