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01/02/2023 - Banana Republic of Germany

Usually I write rants about Malta or some (not so) funny things about the failed states of America. But this is very special.
When I would told you - there is a country, where the President can pardon someone so he can leave Jail with full amnesty and had not to tell press and can keep it as a secret, you would say:
Yes, Cuba as we know it. Or you might think... yeah africa.

Nope! That is Germany. The President can give people amnesty without any reason and he can keep it secret.
Transparency? Yes please... but only for the communication of the citizen, because there is where the bad guys are.
Oh boy!

A German nonGOV Org. called "Frag den Staat" (eng.: Ask the Government) now started an lawsuit[1]. These People are awesome fighters in Germany to keep its GOV transparent. Something that would be nice in other countries as well.

[1] Frag den Staat: Klage gegen Bundespräsidenten geht vor das Oberverwaltungsgericht (German language only)


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