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04/01/2023 - A perfect Summer in january

We need many more cars and severe penalties for climatechnage activists. Put Greta in Jail!!! Now I can give my little e-car in exchange for a save BMW SUV with an average weight of 4 Tons because why not. And well - Finally I can jump into Ramla-Bay in winter without wearing a wetsuite. (sarcasm)

We won't stop it anymore - the thing with the climatechange is done. Game Over. We srew it.[1] [2] [3]

But to get serious.
I have already worked on projects that are dedicated to environmental protection. I remember in 2019 I was working on small cubes that could be mag-locked together to form an array of solar cells. This was so sophisticated that I could even power a laptop and wirelessly charge a cell phone via special cubes. I had presented it to a few important men whose opinion could have quickly made a trend out of the product. No interest.
Funfact: One of them drove up in the morning with a Tesla. But not because of the environment - it was the immense acceleration that sealed the deal.

Moneyqoute: "I don't see any future in solar" - there you stand speechless in the meeting.

As a final punch line, I got to work for the German government on an AI-Project to detect heavy rain events on Radar Images so that wastewater management systems could take appropriate action. So instead of fighting the problem, I got to work on its consequences.

[1] twitter - Nahel Belgherze
[2] twitter - Guillaume S├ęchet
[3] twitter - Scott Duncan


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