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04/03/2023 - SONY kills the internet

The non-commercial Swiss DNS resolver Quad9 has once again been ordered to block websites in a dispute with the music company Sony. In a ruling dated March 1, 2023, the Leipzig Regional Court ruled that Quad9 could not invoke the so-called provider privilege and was therefore liable not only as a disruptor but as a perpetrator of a copyright infringement (Case No. 5 O 807/22)[1].

The first thing to show is that SONY doesn't have the balls to try something like this against DNS resolvers like Google or Cloudflare. And they have to go before demonstrably incompetent german judges and thus obtain a judgment against a non-profit organization in Switzerland. They even have not the balls to go to a swiss court as well.

And secondly: SONY - you used to be cool. I proudly remember my VHS recorder, your cool cellphones with jogdail or the ingenious VAIO notebooks. Don't you have any more aces up your sleeves, that you now only rely on copyrights and such. I was considering whether you get me the new Playstation, because of the ingenious VR - but I got the feeling that I continue to do without VR and in return donate the PS5 dedicated money to Quad9.

[1] Quad9 Blog: Quad9 & Sony Music: German Injunction Update for February 2023


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