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05/01/2023 - Dear Maria from Bolt

I just got an email from BOLT. If you don't know BOLT. It's something like UBER. It's an on-demand cab service with a food delivery section. Some automatism must have noticed that I haven't used the service for weeks. And spam from BOLT is always sent under the name "Maria from Bolt".

Although I know that this email is from a mailbot, I want to reply today in a public open mail:

        to: Maria from Bolt <*****>    
        RE: Docker Rocker, we miss our favorite customer!
        Dear Maria,
        that's right. I did't use Bolt anymore. I put the almost 400 euros a month in a vehicle. My intention 
        to use BOLT was to do something good for the environment, to support the local economy and to save myself 
        from agonies like insurance, taxes and technical inspections. As you remember, we meet because I'm a guy who need
        seamless produces.
        But you have disappointed me. You cheat people with fares as soon as they really need you. 
        60 Euro for a ride of a few kilometers, just because it is New Year's Eve? You have 
        also tried to pull money out of my pocket. That's why I always had my bus card in my pocket.
        You treat your drivers like dirt and give them notice before Christmas Day just to avoid 
        paying social security and drive them into the hands of slavery by third party companies. I also don't let 
        you deliver food anymore, because I feel even more sorry for the drivers on their scooters. People 
        torn from their homeland and lured here with false promises.
        I now have a small vehicle and save the environment too.
        Yes my dear, we part - forever.
        Your Docker Rocker


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