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06/04/2023 - A little "Told you so" to an ex-coworker

Back in 2016/2017 I had the pleasure to work with a colleague (I mean you Anita) in Switzerland Basel at a small widely unknown german Holiday/Tour Provider.

She was a real Donald Trump fan-girl what issued a lot of discussion in the office. Right before he won the election I told her, that Mr. Trump will end up facing a jail sentence and the republicans will drop him like a hot potato at last.
To be honest, I'm very good at forecasting things, just by watching, so this was very easy.

Dear Anita - told ya!

But forecasting that isn't really magic. At last, it just shows how people deny reality and obvious things when they are trapped in fan-boyish pattern at last. I think this pattern can be seen at Covidiots and Racists too. They are not asking the Idea or even the results of these behavior. They have just been fans of a group or idea without seeing the values, because it matched with their intellectual capacities. It doesn't matter if they are Justin Bieber-, Adolf Hitler-, Donald Trump-, or Slipknot-Fans.


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