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07/02/2023 - Does somebody of you uses China-Phones by Xiaomi, OPPO or OnePlus

Haoyu Liu, Douglas J. Leith and Paul Patras [1] did some research on Android Devices shipped by Xiaomi, OPPO and OnePlus.
We remember, OnePlus claimed to be the iPhone Killer a few years ago.

This research is right something everybody knew before and not very surprising at all. The devices sending mostly everything to the Vendors Services. Including Call-Logs and Position.
I guess, Vendors like Apple or Google are doing the very same. But then it is called "service". When someone in China does the same it is espionage by default.

What I found as an remarkable statement is the fact, that they use a few critical permissions to do their job.
Could it be, that theses Permission Bullshit is only a "feature" that makes users feel more comfortable? Most of the espionage things the devices does, are done by unsuspicious "permissions".
Futhermore, most of suspicious things can be done by Firmware and Vendor packages that are installed by default:

[QUOTE]: For example, the package for fingerprint authentication com.goodix.fingerprint requires permission to access Calendar, Camera, Contact, Call log and Audio recording. This appears to be a common feature across different firmware.

This is the Firmware for the Fingerprint Sensor.

I would guess that the Vendors aren't the big problem. They are just Kraken like Microsoft, Google and Apple. They want to know you and make money by selling things and showing advertising.
The major Problem are the Supplier that delivers (hardware) parts for the Phone and give Firmware Blobs to the Vendor.
Shenzhen Goodix Technology was founded by Zhang Fan - This Guy wrote: The Institutional Evolution of China: Government vs Market [2]. In this Book he offers solutions to bring GOV and Market together... well - we see it in the permissions :)

[1] Android OS Privacy Under the Loupe -- A Tale from the East
[1] Amazon: The Institutional Evolution of China: Government Vs Market (Advances in New Institutional Analysis series)


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