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09/02/2023 - Deezers Service Provider was hacked - 2019!! They informed user Today (2023)

Today, I've got an Email send by Deezer Security Team.

They kindly told me, that they had some trouble with a third-party Provider that had some data breaches. So it could be, that some data of me got leaked.

Now the funny part: The breach was ... wait for it .... climax... trumpets ... 2019

But no problem. The Data available in the "bad dark net" contains no sensitive data and should be outdated.
Here - ladies and gents - we present you "no sensitive data":

- First and last names
- Dates of birth
- Email addresses
- IP addresses
- Gender
- Location data (City and Country)
- Join date
- User ID

Hopefully there will be some class actions about the Question, why they gave these metric to a third-party.

The Blogger Graham Cluley has some nice cents on it [1]

[1] Graham Cluley: Data of over 200 million Deezer users stolen, leaks on hacking forum


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