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09/07/2023 - No Law without Religious Nutcases in Malta

In Malta right now there are assholes offering balloons filled with nitrous oxide to other people in the middle of the promenades.[1]

Since I can't understand how you can become such a wanker and sell drugs that kill other people, I was even more surprised that this is LEGAL in Malta.

Now the police are asking that the knuckleheads in government get off their asses and make a law against it.

Well, there are just no religious nutcases protesting around. With the abortions, that also went quite well.
A few Foilhats with Bible make a few demonstration, a few potential Pedophiles hypocrites a little from the pulpit in the church down.
ZipZap - The government ensures that in the future the health system collapses because women strive and an upcoming wave of disabled children need permanent care.
In a country that already due to the logical mathematics its gene pool quite softens. YES, I talk about Incest, because of your obvious xenophobia.

But, alas, nitrous oxide is not a mortal sin and not noted in the Bible. The dealers know that too.

[1] Malta Today: Police want law banning sale of laughing gas on the streets


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