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10/01/2023 - E-INK License Plates hacked

Now I have really seen everything! There are really people who have a license plate with built-in SIM?

Now let's be honest friends. That there are people who believe the cloud would be somehow safe I have accepted (somehow). I live well from the shit. I have to run my monitoring 24 hours a day and as soon as a server does something strange it has to be disconnected, check logs, run it again.
I have to maintaing 3rd Party Services to avoid Attacks and earn money by avoiding "best practices" on demand of the client. The best part: I'm allowed to do that, because I told the client before: "Dear client, cloud is shit. This will create costs and flaws I have to manage."

But a license plate with a SIM just to show some numbers? Why?
Is that more sustainable for the environment?
I doubt it.
Because you can?
I can also drink hydrochloric acid - but I don't do it.

What did the People expect?
It is a piece of metal. His purpose is to show a few digits. Everything else could be a risk... ooops - it already is!

Well, Sam Curry[1] took apart a few car manufacturers and discovered this thing. It's definitely worth reading.

[1] Sam Curry - see Part 5


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