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12/01/2023 - A maltese local council shows now Porn

According to Times of Malta[1] the Birkirkara local councils old Domain shows Porn.

The domain was not renewed sometime in 2018 and forgotten.
Unfortunately, this fits their IT processes. Besides spam sent from their school MS-Teams/AD and other processes that are somehow never useful.

Unfortunately, the IT forces in Malta are eroding. This is reflected in the school system and the local bookstores. You can find Maltese trivial literature and books about art everywhere, but if you need a technical book you have to talk to Amazon (what takes costs of delivery that are pure scam). The whole system there is held together by foreign companies who are only produce E-Gaming and "Financial"-Applications. I had a look at their IT knowledge - it is a disaster.

I once dropped an Advisary and a complaint to the Maltese office (idpc) and the Admin himself, without ever receiving a reply. Even at the EU level, they no longer wanted to deal with them, because I forwarded the complaint after a couple of weeks. They have already given up the GOV in Malta. This will produce issues later on - but thats another day.

[1] Times of Malta - Birkirkaras old website is now being used for porn


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