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12/04/2023 - Why I do not file any vulnerabilities to maltese Companies and GOV?

That's why[1]. And thanks god - I never found one^^

This is very stupid, when you try to help but being surrounded by idiots at last.

Very bad for a Country where vulnerabilities are very very very common. Most of the services are full of XML problems and unwanted things you can do just by replacing the ID during a request.
Also, when you find a Microsoft Active Directory here - you can be pretty sure, that it was updated last time during the installation.
This country will get nowhere... It is and will be a rock surrounded by water managed by wannabe-villains and gambling.

I manage it simple. If I find vulnerabilities I keep it (I never found one^^) and avoid using the Service.
And, in case a company want to know where the Devops fucked up - 50 bucks per hour! That's simple.

[1] Times of Malta - 'We wanted to help': Students arrested after exposing FreeHour security flaw


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