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13/01/2023 - chatGPT (doesn't) benefits of Malware

At the moment news is making the rounds that chatGPT helps scriptkiddies to write malware or even viruses. Checkpoint Research had written a blog about this[1], which was based on another entry[2], freely written: "We all gona die now".

Of course this is all nonsense. ChatGPT writes programs. Not more - not less. And the scripts are of questionable quality, to say the least. Much of the stuff can be googled by scriptkiddies. I guess Stackoverflow is more dangerous that this oversized chatbot. And honestly: There were always scriptkiddies and stupid admins. This picture is not changed by chatGPT.

I give the all-clear here!

It's a little bit like the origin of fire, Gutenbergs letterpress and the internet. Every technological leap scares people. Back in the days "phrophets of doom" stood in the park in London on a bananabox and yelled to the people. Today they earn Google advertising money with blogs.

But what admins could do: Ask chatGPT the same as the Scriptkiddies. And then ask what could prevent the execution of the generated script.
Just as a tip!!!!!

[1] OPWNAI : Cybercriminals Starting to Use ChatGPT
[1] OpwnAI: AI That Can Save the Day or HACK it Away


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