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13/02/2023 - GO Language kills hisself soon! (with telemetric)

How to loose the race with Rust? Let the toolchain send telemetric data to the GO Developers.

Russ Cox asked[1]:
How do software developers understand which parts of their software are being used and whether they are performing as expected? The modern answer is telemetry, which means software sending data to answer those questions back to a collection server.

How about simply writing good software? How about make real good compiler that take care of mistakes?
Windows is an good example for usage of telemetric. Nothing works as intended but telemetric everywhere, because everything can be fixed later.
At last Alphabet not only knows that you google your code to copy and paste it from stackoverflow. They will know the sourcecode where you copy and pasted it ^^

[1] GitHub: telemetry in the Go toolchain #58409


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