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13/04/2023 - The Comet that could hit earth (2023 DW), and how media is working.

Do you remember the Comet that might hit earth in 2046? It was in the newspaper at the beginning of March this year.
Every newspaper wrote about it.[1][2][3]

Right at the 20th of March 2023 Nasa released the information, that this Asteroid will never hit earth.
They watched the Object over 13 days and calculated his way through our solar system.

Well, this is a nice example how Press and Media work. Because this Information can't be found anywhere, except at nasa[4] and wikipedia.[5]

Another fun fact:
While Bing tries to give you links about scientific Articles when you search for "comet hit earth 2023 dw", Google hits you right with alarming Posts of Newspapers.

[1] The Guardian - Nasa tracking asteroid that could ruin Valentine's Day in 2046
[2] The Register - Hold off on that 2046 Valentine's date, asteroid might hit Earth
[3] CNN - NASA tracks a newly discovered asteroid that has a 'small chance' of hitting Earth in 2046
[4] NASA JPL - Small-Body Database Lookup
[5] Wikipedia - 2023 DW


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