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14/07/2023 - Elon Musk gives you Money when he likes you opinions

Twitter has started paying money to Twitter users if money was earned from their tweets associated advertising.
This is effectively profit sharing.[1]

There are only two catches. First, you don't make money with Twitter if you rent Elon Musk a building or hire yourself out as a software developer there.

But if you're a Musk fan, a racist, a fascist, or simply someone who treats women badly, you can earn money.
"It feels like he's just handing out checks to people he likes," says one ex-manager.[2]
And what does Elon like? Racists, fascists or simply people who treat women badly.

[1] Tech Crunch : Twitter starts sharing ad revenue with verified creators
[1] Washington Post: Far right Twitter influencers first on Elon Musk’s monetization scheme


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