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15/03/2023 - PeopleDAO loses $120,000 after payment spreadsheet is shared publicly

When the accounting lead for PeopleDAO "accidentally" shared an editable accounting spreadsheet link in a public Discord channel, an enterprising member of the Discord decided to take advantage. They inserted a row with their own wallet address for a 76 ETH (~$120,000) payment, then hid the row so it wouldn't display to the other viewers.[1]

"Accidentally" is the new "stupid AF"! Because, how can that people claim, that they doing save-secure-crypto-magic-shit when the basics security is done like my mom would do?

A very special flavor spread this Quote:
PeopleDAO have reported that they're working with various security researchers to track the funds, and have reported the theft to the FBI and FTC.
FBI? FTC? I though, one major proposal of Crypto was that it is independent from GOV's. This was a lie? Right?

[1] Web3.0 is going great: PeopleDAO loses $120,000 after payment spreadsheet is shared publicly


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