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16/02/2023 - Today I learned: Maltese Police can raid your home randomly - without warrant...

A house owner told me today, that the police told him, that the Flats he offers on Air BnB could be raid randomly in search for drugs during carnival without a warrant and he had to told the guests about this "Service" by the one who should serve and protect.

First I had doubts about it. Because entering a home without a warrant or allowance by the owner or even a court, is against everything what the EU stands for, and a big bunch of EU Regulations are ignored.
I think they will play the game like every time. They play it until the EU fines them. And the fines will be payed by taxpayers.
My wishes for the police are, that they raid a home without warrant and one of the persons insides take out a business card that identifies him as a member of EU Commission. I would laughing my ass off - this would be some nice telephone calls for the PM.

Actually Malta will be fined for 5 cases by the EU. Including failing to protect the youngest against sexual abuse. [1]

[1] The Shiftnews: European Commission slaps Malta with five infringement proceedings


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