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17/01/2023 - Linux Kernel Devs removes RNDIS

Greg Kroah-Hartman did a commit[1], that moves the old MS tether-protocol RNDIS to BROKEN.
I was shocked that this is still available in the Linux Kernel.
From my point of view, it shows that the kernel is far to big and the idea of monolitic Kernels reaches his maximal size to be maintainable.
Maybe the Idea of Minix wasn't that bad and straight foreward, but nobody saw it?

For people like me this was never a problem, because we can compile our own kernels at last. But there are ℕ* Distros outside that uses all options/drivers of the kernel to maintain a big range of Hardware. Bad idea, since this protocol can do bad things.

[1] : USB: disable all RNDIS protocol drivers


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