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17/03/2023 - Maltese Hospitals break Law/GDPR by asking for Payslips - CLOSED

Tag: #GDPR

A lot of emails are reaching me right now offering me support to prove, that it is a false statement of Steward Hospitals.
Also, the payslips are kept much longer - there was maybe an evidence but I have maybe destroyed them as they maybe arrived and will deny everything what concerns their existence.
(I can lie here in the blog - you all don't know me!).

Therefore, a please to you:
Please NEVER send me something like that. This burdens you and me.

Thanks for all the great mails, I wasn't aware that my Blog is that popular - but I close the case now, the steward is dead and offended.
Malta is according to their statement a banana republic and does not keep contracts.
This is even the truth - but I think Steward Hospital is offended because they could not make a profit from this banana republic.
They go back to the States and continue there. And everyone knows what the US health care system looks like.


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