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17/05/2023 - The Home Office thing/lie

I see more and more friends who have to go back to the office instead of working from home.

I think the statements of E. Musk (well, he is always very flexible in his statements) and
Sam Altman are pure mockery. They have all migrated to the home office in order to save the economy, and have procured hardware,
space and Internet. Some companies even recognized this as a trend and advertised it.

Now, all of a sudden, everyone is supposed to go back because a few business economists (in the worst sense) can't get a grip on their control addiction.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I always asked myself why socialism should save capitalism now?
Now we are dropped again and hardworking parents have to rebuild their entire lives.

As the owner of a company, it was always clear to me personally that my company should be
decentralized and that everyone should work where they like. I think what is happening at the
moment is pretty bad and deplorable. What do these people actually think the Internet was designed for.

Wrong: make money
Right: Work together from wherever



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