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18/01/2023 - "Ex-gay" Matthew Grech to be charged - Maltese Christian Dark Age today

"Ex-gay" Matthew Grech to be charged for breaching conversion therapy ban[1]. Conversion therapy? Yes, this is a form of brainwashing that drives young people into cults. In my opinion Matthew Grech was never ever gay. He was bi at most, but nothing more. From my point of view, as one who knows a few gay people, he is more an actor. He is hetero from the Wallet to the Penis.

What I find disgusting are the comments under the article. There are masses of idiots who say something about "woke" and other buzzwords of brain-damaged people. Malta is a good country for people of all colors, sexualities and cultures. Unfortunately, the church and its affiliated sects still have too much influence on the media.

As soon as Christians and sects enter the stage, it's like the Dark Ages. Malta could be so progressive - but it has to bear its cross with the cross.

[1] Malta Today: ‘Ex-gay’ Matthew Grech to be charged for breaching conversion therapy ban


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