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20/02/2023 - TrustPID - please no!!!

This Supercookie TrustPID Bullshit makes me crazy. First question: Why "trusted"?
There is nothing trustworthy in it - it's another fucking spy tool.

Since I divided my personal things away to a private VPN and a work VPN, now I have to use TOR all the time to avoid fingerprinting my activities by my internet provider, because the local fingerprinting now ends up to a european fingerprinting.
Now they see, what newspaper your read, which blogs you read or write - everything. All Providers in the EU can do things like that.
So a polish provider or website could see, that someone in France read a Queer Blog - this is a nightmare beyond Orwell's wildest dreams... wow.

Because as long your VPN ends somewhere in the EU, it caches you, as long you didn't use something like Tails all the time to vanish your profile at last.
No time in history, getting privacy was harder to maintain than today. And if you try, you have to going dark by default and be a suspect by default.
Hard times...


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