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20/03/2023 - Network State World - Digital Countries? (Update)

Today I got an invitation for a Talk in Malta about Digital Countries on friday.

If you don't know what is meant when we talk about "Network State World" or "Digital Countries", you might watch this Video[1] or read Books by Balaji Srinivasan. Yes this Cryptobro Dude!
At first the Idea sounds great.
There is a digital country that can give you a Passport, but when you dig deeper you end up with Bitcoin BlaBlaBla.

The only reason why Bitcoin is a thing isn't because it is independent, or free or whatever - (it isn't - a lot of courts forced Cryptocurrencies to perform Rollbacks). It is just a good opportunity for money laundering and start illegal activities.
And this is why this idea is so strongly linked to cryptocurrencies at last.

But there will be a lot of more issues. First thing first, when you own land, you will always own land in a country. In Germany some Idiots started to claim, that Germany isn't a real country, bought land and called it Kaiserreich (you will guess how it was ending, they were visited by special polices forces at last).
And yes, It was founded by people who wanted to do whatever they want. In this special case, they planned a 4th Reich (after 3rd Reich was so successful^^) without innovations like democracy, freedom of speech or even vaccinations.

I bet, this Idea will start a wave ... full of scam.
Maybe advertised by known people. Like NFTs - but now with meaningless Passports instead of Links to a JPEG.

Funny though - this Talk is in Malta. The EU Banana republic N° 1 :-)

Update: The GOVs can just block the way to make profit from it![2]

[1] YouTube: How To Start A New Country
[2] 21/03/2023 - The end of Bitcoins comes near


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