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20/07/2023 - How to screw up climate protection sustainably - Greenpeace

Greenpeace has found that taking the train is more expensive than flying.[1] - Shit Sherlock!!!
A flight from Barcelona to London costs 30 euros (Greenpeace, of course, quoted 12.99€ - but you'll NEVER fly for that money because of the hidden costs - transfer to the Airport and, well, whatever...).
The train ride usually costs around 250 - 280€ (again, Greenpeace took 384€ - that sounds more drastic).

And what do you think is the solution according to Greenpeace? You'll never guess!

Just make flying more expensive (i.e. the kerosene). One must first afford so much stupidity.
This is not a solution but makes flying more expensive and benefits only the manufacturers and countries (they have more tax revenue).
And with the additional tax revenue, something is financed. Just not the railroads - because they are all privatized.

Climate protection can't work like that...

[1] Spiegel (German): Klimafreundliche Bahn ist meist teurer als der Klimakiller Flugzeug


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