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21/02/2023 - idpc lost an attachment - CDP/COMP/41/2023

Tag: #GDPR

Quiet after 4 weeks I see a little move made by Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner (idpc). They need a copy of an Email that were already attached.

            Dear Sir,

            I make reference to the complaint in object which you filed with our office.

            At this stage, I have established that further information is required for the admissibility of your complaint. In this respect, 
            you are kindly being requested to submit a copy of your request for information on data protection 
            sent by e-mail to the company operating Gozo General Hospital.

            Best regards,

From my point of view, this is a typical move to harass complainants. At this point, the first ones start to give up. More such moves will follow.
It is already irrelevant to ask for the correspondence, if it is obvious that the required guidelines are not followed. And in this case, it is obvious that data protection regulations are not being adhered to, because the entire process was never designed to do so.

This will be funny^^


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