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21/12/2022 - I removed Mastodon

I have removed Mastodon from the server again. The idea behind Mastodon is super great, but the software is quite overdone.

I always had to look around and delete data because the server was filling up and I know I only had a few photos and a lot of text there. As a minimal computing friend who prefers assembler and Rust it seems very strange.

Therefore I have now rebuilt my site a bit and since the social interaction at mastodon is rather maginal, a normal blog is fully sufficient. I will blog here every now and then what - how regularly I do that I do not know yet.


The problem was that Mastodon collects vast amounts of media. Profile photos in various sizes and other stuff that had nothing to do with my content. So after two months of operation, the machine had collected a whopping 40 GB of data. This should not be so and makes unnecessary work.

After I tried to upgrade from 3.5.2 to 4.0.2 I had a lot of fun with Ruby Environments but no sign that anyone had thought about how and (especially) why data is persisted. So instead of running two sites, I decided to put my blog right here.


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