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22/12/2022 - Germans and "Digitalisierung"(digitalization)

I just read a commentary in Heise about digitalization. In fact, I had to read it three times because the irony was not immediately obvious. I think the problem is always projected onto Germany. According to the motto: The grass is greener on the other side. I work a lot in other European countries and therefore know their "failures" in the digital field. But in the end, each country fails individually. Only the pain tolerance is different.

There are countries like Spain or Malta, for example, that allow everything to be regulated online by means of an ID. Sounds for the German like a dream or a nightmare. It always depends on the point of view.

I am allowed to do everything in the country I live in by means of this ID - it just never works most of the time and the way to the appropriate one is not spared. And yes, Microsoft 365 and AWS are a lot of nonsense. Online banking works equally bad in every country. And banks like Bunq, Revolut, N26 and what they are all called are fast and good, because even with a personal bank you are always powerless and at the mercy.

It is always the look to the neighbors that makes dissatisfied. I think that Germans suffer from the word "Digitalisierung"(digitalization) without realizing that this word is nonsense. Digitalization is never "Datenschutzfreundlich"(privacy friendly) and can't be - that's also such a German word "Datenschutzfreundlich". As soon as you do something digitally you have the data stored somewhere. So you always have to decide - do I want to have a file in my hand or do I want everyone to have access to it.

I work in areas where people enter their data to get services from a company and get a check mark that they have to click on to allow the service provider to use the data. This is pure comedy at its best.

I think that this should be abolished: If you want to comfortably show your friends how cool your life is, go to Facebook and Instagram and be happy that Meta knows what you are hungry for. If you don't want that, take your dumbphone or bike and go to your friends and have an awesome life.

I always act online according to these wise words: If the service is free, YOU are the product. If you don't want Github to AI your code then take a small server, put your public key on it and host your GIT repo there. That's three commands you have to enter in the shell - but yes, herd instinct and convenience allow you to cry at the government level that Github is really bad.


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