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23/02/2023 - Germany the country of cease and desist letters

In Germany there is the bad habit that you can write a cease and desist letter (German: Abmahnung) [2] for every nonsense and add a pricetag on it that the vicitm has to pay. These letters are costly and there is a whole industry in Germany dedicated to writing cease and desist letters.

This of course attracts trolls like shit attracts flies. A German photographer (who himself does not live in Germany) has sent cease and desist letters, because on a legally purchased photo wallpaper was a picture of him to see. He had agreed to the printing of the wallpaper. The usage of the photo as wallpaper but not to photograph them as user whom legally purchased it.
The wallpaper was to be seen on a picture in the background, which was then on the Internet. [1]

The photographer with the very special legal views is namly known as Stefan Böhme according to the Newspaper Heise [1]. On his website, however, the care for law and orders, that he shows with copyright, is missing.
The cookie banner is completely black-pattern and forces you to accept "technical cookies". And already when visiting the website the first cookie is set directly.


            //It was created by an injection of a Strato Editor - anyway it's set without consent and part of the website.
            //Wait! What! This means he Publish my IP to a third party without my consent? What a bad boy! 

But he's lucky - he doesn't live in Germany where it comes to cease and desist letters regarding this violations that would costs hundreds of euros at last.
That's why he doesn't need an imprint too I think!

[1] Heise (German only): Urteil: Fototapete in Gästezimmer als Urheberrechtsverletzung
[2] Wikipedia: Cease and desist


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