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23/03/2023 - The truth of Income in Malta for Expats and Migrants

If there are Europeans or Indians here who dream of high income in Malta, this article is interesting.[1]

Job portals are currently advertising for programmers. They are supposed to earn 55.000 to 65.000 per year. This is a lie. Always!!!
I am a mathematician and a computer scientist with 20 years of work experience and earned here just under 35,000 a year.

Malta is very poor and is always big in giving dirty work to foreigners for minimum wage.
There are great numbers in the article that you need to read.
And if you are Indian - don't be fooled - here you drive food from 14 hours a day for a starvation wage and have to pay the wage for for the rent of a bed and a vehicle. And there is almost no tip by customer.

So unless you happen to have your own company and are just looking for a cheap location, better stay at home.
You will always miss your loved ones and suffer from poor conditions in a european third-class country.

[1] MaltaToday: Foreigners are new working class doing low-paid jobs Maltese no longer want


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