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24/02/2023 - Welcome to the nuclear fusion era

Due to Putin and his attack on the free world, the general press had no time at all to announce that we have now arrived at the age of nuclear fusion.

The fusion reactor in Greifswald (Germany) has maintained the plasma for 8 minutes[1], which means that the process can be maintained indefinitely, producing more energy than is supplied.
Congratulations from my side!

And another thing - thanks to the James Webb telescope our understanding of the origin of the universe is just overturned.[2]

Interesting times, in which we live!

[1] Youtube (Max-Planck-Institute for Plasmaphysics): Wendelstein 7-X: 8 min Plasma with 1.3 GJ Energy Turnover (IR-Video)
[2] CNN: Webb telescope makes a surprising galactic discovery in the distant universe


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