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25/01/2023 - Capitalism in the terminal stage - Malta Edition

In Malta, a guy and his wife (Marco and Josielle Gaffarena) put up a room full of beds and rented them out for almost 300 euros a month. Mainly to (mostly illegal) migrants. [1]
Now you might think that the guy is just an asshole and capitalist. Yes, I'm aware of the redundancy. The price per square meter is even higher than in Munich - you have to manage that first!

But it turns out that the guy has close ties to Minister Michael Falzon and a few deals at government level to support the system of exploitation. For me Malta is geographically and mentally always more connected to the Arab region. The only thing it has to do with the EU is the currency and the origin of the companies that do serious business here.

[1] The Shift News: Scandal-prone Gaffarena renting Qormi beds to immigrants for €260 a month


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