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25/01/2023 - Complaint Notification Acknowledgement - CDP/COMP/41/2023

Tag: #GDPR

The complaint in original - we will see.

        Dear Sir or Madam,

        I hereby report a data breach at the Gozo General Hospital regarding of the EU rules on data protection.
        This hospital is operated by the Malta based company Steward Health Care.

        There, even after 2018 and the introduction of the EU rules on data protection, it is mandatory for people with certain ID numbers to
        to send a payslip via email. Alternatively, the payslip is required as an original or copy.
        The inquiry ON SITE and via email regarding the data protection remained unanswered to me.

        However, as a former victim of this process, I have noticed that the persons concerned (me also) do not receive any information about
        - what the information is used for,
        - which information is being used for,
        - what information is being collected,
        - why selective unequal treatment in data collection is taking place,
        - how, where and for how long the data is stored.

        I also learned from a staff member that software is used in the hospital where this information is stored.
        The employee MUST enter into the software regarding the payslip (existence or more data remained unanswered).
        Also, no information was given regarding deadlines to delete this Information or anything similar.

        Thus, the patient is required to provide information that is not necessary for the execution of his activity and is stored in email inboxes.
        If the patient refuses to send the information, the company refuses to provide legal services according to EU laws and demands cash payment.

        Thus, a distinction is made here between Maltese and migrants on the basis of unlawful claim of personal data.

        I am reporting this offense because Steward Health Care does not provide privacy information and does not provide privacy information when asked.

        As a member of the CCC, I would like to take the precaution of not wanting to process this case and to indicate my willingness to take this case all the way to Brussel to stop this racist proceeding.

        With kind regards,

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