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26/07/2023 - Intel introduces new Commands

Intel introduced the "new" Advanced Performance Extensions[1]
They added things like push2 and pop2.
Also they doubled the General Purpose Register from 16 to 32.

Overall they did mostly everything that ARM does long before.
From this point of view, I would rather call it "Intel® ARM" then "Intel® APX".

On the other Hand most of these features aren't used in the wild - especially on shitty Compilers out there. When you try to search for
meaningful documentations on ARM for the transfer of two register values within a single memory operation your will always end up with single PUSH and POP operations.

Ey Intel - you missed autoincrement - just saying. But that's the same - even on ARM Assembly they always make use of simple add commands.

[1] Introducing Intel® Advanced Performance Extensions (Intel® APX)


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