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28/12/2022 - Snowpiercer - Another US Start-Up does shit

While we were on the subject of Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette at my previous Post. The guys wrote the comic strip "Le Transperceneige". Outside France, it may be known as Snowpiercer.

Unfortunately, as with Orwell, a warning is mistaken again as a recommendation for action.

A U.S. start-up may have already begun geoengineering to stop global warming. This is reported by MIT Technology Review [1]. According to the report, the startup launched two stratospheric balloons back in April that also contained a few grams of sulfur dioxide. The balloons were supposed to burst to release the sulfur dioxide to reflect some sunlight. However, it is not known what exactly happened to the balloons, he said.

Great- just throw something into atomic spheres and then lose it. Can't make it up... uff



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