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28/12/2022 - Is the pessimism about 2022 justified?

The year is drawing to a close. I read in the press every day how bad this year was. But I ask myself, was it really that bad? Is our pessimism really justified? I think this is where we fall a bit for modern journalism. It is trying to keep us away from the truth. Because, in fact, this year has been a good year.

Don't you think so? No problem, I will list a few evidences.

- Russia: We were so afraid of the red superpower. Now it is defacto on the ground. They are fighting a war (which they have already lost) and they have to lie to their own people by concealing it as an exercise or a small operation. No serious country will be do business with Russians in the foreseeable future. And the specter of a military superpower from the East has become a joke. The country gets support from Iran and is supplied with "Wish"-quality drones. Even the threat of the nuclear arsenal has become a joke, because with it Russia would finally make its opt-out from the world economy.

- Iran: Does the state leadership really still believe that it can effect something there. They are just afraid and I have a lot of respect for the for the people on the street. The people will liberate themselves and their energy will spread to countries like Afghanistan. You will see.

- Russia gas: What were the people in Central Europe afraid to freeze in winter. Idiotic journalism, such as the German daily newspaper Bild suggested the prospect of a winter that could have come from the pens of Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette. And in the end the gas storage facilities were and are full. Also all the additional costs for too expensive gas supply will fall before the companies' feet. Already now energy companies are being expropriated or have to pay back the money that they had earned with the fear of winter.

- Cryptocoins: What a wonderful year for the cryptobros in the end. The whole dirt system of burning the environment and raking in worthless bits is breaking down. It's good for the environment. I love watching the crash. I needed so much popcorn that the corn and popcorn industry can now really celebrate sales.

- QAnon, "Querdenker", populists ...: What was still a threat at the beginning of the year is degenerating more and more into comedy. More and more populists are going under. Even the British Empire is actually standing in front of Brussels again and ask nicely for talks. And even a guy like Thiel has noticed that you can't use online platforms like Twitter to control the media. Especially not if you let a guy like Musk buy it. I like to watch how this Plattform go down and open source projects like Mastodon flourish.

When I read newspapers, I usually think about why the writer writes something and how he writes it. And all the pessimism that is meant to distract me from the fact that this system of greed and power is slowly crumbling. From that point of view, it was a good year.

I'm going to make another cup of popcorn and keep watching.... On into a new year.


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