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This page serves as an archive and should prevent these old programs from disappearing. Furthermore it can be helpful to keep this old software for the purpose of "reverse engineering". Appropriate tools are also reserved here.

ShareWare Free compilers/linkers
WLINK11.ZIP 184k W-Linker v11.0. Required for QLIB.
ShareWare DOS Extenders
WDOSX094.ZIP 193k WDOSX DOS extender v0.94 (non-beta). The BEST replacement for DOS/4GW.
PMW133.ZIP 140k PMODE/W v1.33. The best replacement for DOS/4GW (until WDOSX came along).
DOS4G_201A.ZIP 345k DOS/4G PRO v2.01a.

The following DOS Extenders are obsolete (not compatible with QLIB anymore)

PMODE307.ZIP 53k PMODE v3.07 - this is a DOS extender with all source code included
DOS32V33.ZIP 331k DOS32 v3.3 Final.
DOS32B35.ZIP 462k DOS32 v3.5 Beta #6. ShareWare - muss man mal cracken
PMODE stuff
INTEL386.ZIP 201k intel386.txt - specs on how PMODE works
LELOAD.ZIP 4k Source code for loading/fixuping LE images. Also provides code to properly load LE images in EXEs (ie: DOS extenders).
LXEXE.ZIP 20k Format of the LX/LE EXE file (used in OS/2, Watcom C, etc.)
PEDUMP.ZIP 18k Dumps PE image info.
PEINFO.ZIP 9k PE image info.
VDS.ZIP 3k Virtual DMA Specs.
DPMISPEC.ZIP 34k Specs on DPMI v0.9
DPMI100.ZIP 29k Specs on DPMI v1.0 (too much confusing info - use v0.9 instead)
VCPISPEC.ZIP 15k Specs on VCPI v1.0
XMS30.ZIP 12k Specs on XMS v3.0
VOODOO.ZIP 1k How to setup VooDoo memory manager (4GBs flat RMODE)
AKA Unreal mode, Big-Real Mode
Windows Archive
VXD-FAQ.ZIP 14k VxD helpfull info.
Sound Card Archive
ADLIB.ZIP 7k How to program the adlib/SB(FM) sound cards.
SB.ZIP 12k Many TXT file on SB stuff (DSP commands and examples etc.)
SB16SND.ZIP 49k A good SB16 sound blaster demo
AWE32PRG.ZIP 37k How to program the AWE32 chip.
VOC.ZIP 2k VOC file format.
WAV.ZIP 2k WAV file format.
Video Driver and Specs Archive
VBE20.ZIP 20k How to use VESA 2.0
TWEAKDOX.ZIP 7k How to use Tweaked VGA mode and set them up.
Disassemble Tools
OBJ2ASM.ZIP 38k OBJ 2 ASM converter (486)
UNLIB.ZIP 23k Extracts all OBJs from a LIB
OBJ-FORM.ZIP 57k The format of an OBJ file.
LIB-INFO.ZIP 5k Format of the LIB file (not that good).
Misc stuff
DMA_VLA.ZIP 4k How to program the DMA chip (incl 16bit) by VLA Group.
IPX.ZIP 94k BASIC program that uses IPX to chat over the network. Very Nice!!!
MSCDEX21.ZIP 44k Specs on using MSCDEX.


- MASM since v6.12 is a Win32 application (no longer works under DOS or Win16)
- None of the patches FIX the INVOKE bug
- None of the patches work on MASM v6.11c
- v7.00 : Updated for Visual Studio .NET Package.
- v6.13 Added : .K3D added for some new opcodes
- v6.12 Added : .586p and .686p (Pentium Pro) support added
- v6.12 Added : MMX support

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