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Mace - Minimal Assembly Code Editor

Due to my enthusiasm for working with assembly-code, I have been looking for a good editor for a long time. Don't get me wrong - Vim is great. But especially the work with assembly has its own special needs.

So I decided to hack my own editor for ASM files based on MINI Editor. The Editor is dedicated for Assembler Code that is used with NASM and GAS. It won't destroy your code, but you might expect strange formating.

LINUX (Intel / AMD 64)

Latest stable build:

            $ wget
            $ unzip
            $ cp mace /bin


General usage:

            mace <name_of_file>

You can use a config file to define Tab_Stops, Compiler and times you have to confirm that you quiet without saving.

This file must be a JSON File:

	            "Compiler_gas" : "/usr/bin/as",
	            "Compiler_nasm" : "/usr/bin/nasm",
	            "Tabs" : 8,
	            "Quit_time" : 3

The Values represent the default values. To use a individual configuration you have to set a environment variable:

            export MACE_CONFIG = "/path/to/your/config.json"

Code Jump feature

To navigate straight to a specific Macro or Keyword you can use ctrl + j. With crtl + b you can jump right back.

Other Editor shortcuts

Ctrl-S = save
Ctrl-Q = quit
Ctrl-F = find
Crtl-J = jump to

Compiler not found Issue

This feature use the compiler from the config.json and show compiler errors. Once a proper compiler is available the editor show errors in the code.


        Version 0.3.0 - 27/12/2022
        * move away from github

        Version 0.2.0 - 10/08/2022
        * issues with commented code
        * issues with code formatting
        * fix mismatched file extension for GAS
        Version 0.1.0 - 09/08/2022
        * initial release


Version Size zip tar
mace 0.3.0 ~ 4.3mb zip tar

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